Club Love is an EP and interactive web project by Sim Hutchins and Local Action, exploring people’s personal stories, memories and interpretations of love in the club. 
Launched in October 2019, we initially invited the public to share their tales of Club Love, anonymously, via phone, in exchange for the EP’s first track. It was the only way to access the music ahead of release — for the first time in who knows how long, we didn’t allow any music to be publicly available ahead of a release, whether on official dsps, Bandcamp or SoundCloud. And as these tales came in, we added them to this website — your clubbing memories, in a randomly generated sequence, paired with a collage of unheard music by Sim. We wanted to create something that was entertaining, touching and genuinely collaborative.
You responded. The website had 10,000 visits the first day, 20,000 soon after, and the Club Love phone number was flooded with submissions and messages of support alike. There was even someone who kept trying to ring it, but that felt a little too close to comfort. Thank you. We really appreciate how the project fell, and it was affirming for an artist and label trying to give a record context beyond a premiere and a linkfire. The EP is now available as a free download for all Club Love members. For everyone else you, can buy it at the usual spots.  
For the remainder of 2019 and early 2020 we continued to add submissions to the website, ensuring that the Club Love experience continued to evolve beyond the EP’s release date. We’ve since closed the phone line, but at a time where the world’s clubs find themselves under threat like never before, these memories of Club Love feel especially poignant.